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Beatles LOVE opening night pics [03 Jul 2006|07:44pm]


Just a note to all of you Beatle fans.

This may be old news to a lot of you, but just thought you'd all want to know that there are some terrific pictures from the premiere of the Beatles show in Vegas up on my Beatles blog.  If you haven't seen them, they are great photos.  

It is so refreshing to see the entire Beatles extended family all together in one place (except for Sean).  I don't think that's ever happened before.  Anyhow, everyone looks awesome....especially Yoko (and her boobage) except for her crazy hat.

While you are at my blog, please do check it out, and look at some other content, there's lots to see, and read.  If there are any news you want me to add, please let me know.  I try to add news stories, links of interest, photos, video links, etc.  

Content is updated fresh daily for all of you rabid Beatle fans.
Check it out at: http://beatle.wordpress.com

So sorry to cross-post this everywhere.

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trail mix? [25 Jun 2006|07:33pm]

'the moon' - cat power
'these flowers' - martha wainwright
'orange sky' - alexi murdoch
'ice heavy branches' - the appleseed cast
'stars' - hum
'cold water' - damien rice
'i like giants' - kimya dawson
'butterfly' - wintersleep
'peach moon' - the unicorns
'let it rain' - tilly and the wall
'clouds (acoustic)' - elliott smith
'blackbird' - the beatles
'air' - ben folds
'sunshine and clouds and everything proud' - clap your hands say yeah
'gold finch and the red oak tree' - ted leo and the pharmacists

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[29 Dec 2005|11:49pm]

song about the phone.

1) no phone - cake
2) cell phone - all girl summer fun band
3) spiderwebs - no doubt
4) answer the phone - sugar ray
5) fuck the phone - princess superstar
6) communication - mario piu

please suggest more.
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I'm new here, and this is some stuff I listened to today at the office... [01 Nov 2005|04:37pm]

  1. The Jam: The Gift (BBC Live 1982)
  2. The Rakes: Strasbourg
  3. The Pipettes: School Uniform
  4. Gloria Jones: Tainted Love
  5. Bloc Party: Tulips (Club Version)
  6. Black Wire: God of Traffic
  7. Babyshambles: Pipe Down
  8. LCD Soundsystem: Losing My Edge
  9. The Rakes: Retreat
  10. Shed Seven: Dolphin
  11. Paul Weller: Up In Suze's Room
  12. Willie Hutch: Brothers Gonna Work It Out
  13. Billie Davis: Billy Sunshine
  14. Happy Mondays: Step On (Twisin' My Melon Mix)
  15. Pulp: Death Goes To The Disco
  16. Oasis: Turn Up The Sun
  17. Editors: Munich
  18. Steel Pulse: Macka Splaff
  19. Metric: Succexy
  20. New Order: Sunrise

Cheers.  Johnny....

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And! A Request! [11 Aug 2005|07:44pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

So, I had a crush on the girl for a really long time. Like a year. And we were pretty close friends, and she didn't know about my crush until close to the end of this school year, when a mutual "friend" told her about it to exact revenge on something I'd done to offend her. She acted really weird for about a week (this could also be because she didn't know that I'm a lesbian) until I figured out what had happened and hastended to assure her that the girl who'd told her this was lying, or mistaken. She believed me (I think), but things haven't really been the same since.

I need songs to make me feel better. I doubt any songs are really going to fit the situation perfectly, but things in the general heartbroken / betrayed vein are good. Songs that make you cry are also favored. But please no screamo.


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Well... [11 Aug 2005|07:42pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Lonelily - Damien Rice
Be Still My Heart - Postal Service
Jellybones - Unicorns
Dead Disco - Metric

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To the tune of... [19 Jun 2005|10:54pm]

My gosh it's been forever since I've posted here! Anyway - I have a situation. My friend and I are in an awkward situation. We're not mad at eachother or anything but she's really been upsetting me lately with some stuff she's done. Like dating a guy who she doesn't need to be with. He's using her for sex and other things and I try to tell her that she needs to end it with him but she just won't listen to me.
I need songs along the line of "hey he's not right/good for you" "you're my best friend and I love you to death but you're killing me" "i'm hating this" "i'll always be there for you" and any songs that relate. Any genre will do. Please help me with this. This is what I have so far -
Seventy times 7 by Brand New
My Best Friend by Weezer
Hannah Hold On by The Get Up Kids
It's Been Awhile by Staind
Until the Day I Die by Story of the Year
What we hate, we make by The Rocket Summer
You Fault by Plain White T's
Good Riddance by Green Day
How's it going to be by Third Eye Blind
Soco Amaretto Line - Brand New
Tribute - Tenacious D
Karate - Tenacious D
Bleed For You - Hidden in Plain View
Break Myself - Something Corporate
From California - The New Amsterdams
Science Fiction - Rufio

I have the two Tenacious D songs on there because we laugh our butts off when we listen to them so I figured I'd put some humor in it. Anyway - all help is appreciated and thank you SOOO much in advance!
x-posted like a mother.
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[21 Apr 2005|01:48am]

hey, if this isnt allowed, then please delete it..

but i just thought you cats would like to know about a community i started with a couple of friends of mine: cdoftheweek

basically, we make concept mixes, with a new theme every week. we've done "songs to describe your high school experience," "songs that open or close an album," "geographical songs," etc.

just come check us out if ya want, and check out our memories section for examples.

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o-m-g new member [19 Apr 2005|06:22pm]
i'm jackie. :)

mix in progress:
Fleetwood Mac - Secondhand News
Her Space Holiday - Tech Romance
Plain White T's - Can't Turn Away
Fleetwood Mac - Steal Your Heart Away
Bright Eyes - The First Day Of My Life
Reggie & The Full Effect - Megan Is My Friend To The Max
The Postal Service - Be Still My Heart
Tilly & The Wall - Reckless
Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back Again
Tilly & the Wall - Nights Of The Living Dead

short, yeah, but not finished. feedback?
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Mix in progress [17 Apr 2005|12:05pm]

  1. The Shins - New Slang
  2. Blonde Redhead - In Particular
  3. Dogs Die In Hot Cars - I Love You Because I Have To
  4. Arab Strap - The First Big Weekend
  5. Echo and The Bunnymen - The Killing Time
  6. Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I Love You Less and Less
  7. Air - Universal Traveler
  8. Nick Drake - From the Morning
  9. Snow Patrol - Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
  10. The Unicorns - Les Os
  11. Mountain Goats - The Monkey Song
  12. Nautral Milk Hotel - ?
  13. The Moldy Peaches - Duran Duran Boyfriend
  14. Iron & Wine - Love and Some Verses
  15. Kimya Dawson - Everything's Alright
  16. The Owls - Air
  17. Kings Of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You
  18. Bright Eyes - I'm Falling Out Of Love At This Volume

    *Not in that particular order

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Two Hours of Wonder [14 Apr 2005|08:37pm]

[ mood | lethargic ]

I'll go ahead and jump right in. I just joined the community today. I'm helping my boyfriend out with his college radio station show on Tuesday night. Made a couple mix CDs (tapes sounds so much better). Here's what I'm playing for two hours... (each CD is about an hour)

CD #1
01 Dog Door - Sparklehorse
02 Strangler - Calla
03 I Shot William H. Macy - Head Automatica
04 Wear You Out - TV on the Radio
05 Indigo Boy - Esthero
06 L'Avia L'Viaquez - The Mars Volta
07 Cannibal's Hymn - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
08 Great Today - Damien Juarado
09 The Same Way - Geoff Farina
10 Blood on Our Hands - Death From Above 1979
11 Lovers Need Lawyers - The Good Life
12 Web In Front - Archers of Loaf
13 Same Skies - Hint Hint
14 This Are Flashes - Q and Not U

CD #1
01 Jealous of Your Cigarette - Hawksley Workman
02 Broken World - Black Heart Procession
03 Crown of Love - The Arcade Fire
04 Desert's on Fire - Murder by Death
05 I'm Good Now - Bob Schneider
06 Shelter - Ray LaMontagne
07 Anticipation - Blonde Redhead
08 On the Tower - Sondre Lerche
09 Little Dawn - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
10 Hey Teacher - Louis XIV
11 Pizza Party - Call Me Lightning
12 Rabbit Hole - Bright Eyes
13 The Crying of Lot G - Yo La Tengo
14 Haunt Me - Arab Strap

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[01 Mar 2005|01:39pm]


I'm working on a few mixtapes and could use your help.  Here's what I have so far.  Please tell me what adjustments to make and help fill in the blanks.

Monthly Mixtape

January: Death Cab for Cutie - New Year

February: Bright Eyes – Feb. 15

March: Thursday – Marches and Manuevers  OR  Prince – We March  OR  Flogging Molly – Drunken Lullabies  OR  Dropkick Murphys – Barroom Hero

April: Ian Moore – April  OR  Pedro the Lion – April 6, 2039

May: Belle and Sebastian - Mayfly

June: John Vanderslice - June, July  OR  The Kinks - Rainy Day In June  OR  Smashing Pumpkins - Bye June

July: The Decemberists - July, July!

August: Rilo Kiley - August  OR  NOFX - August 8  OR  Innocence Mission - In August

September: The Plain White T's - A Lonely September

October: Dead Kennedys - Halloween

November: Frank Zappa - Lonesome Electric Turkey

December: Counting Crows - Long December  OR  Weezer - December

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[22 Feb 2005|06:05pm]

I work at the beach in the summer and the time is drawing near. I was wondering if anyone can point me to some songs that have to do with the ocean, sand or the beach. That would be very helpful!

When I compile it, I'll list it here!
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pretty please? [19 Feb 2005|09:48pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Oooookay...i have a problem

i make a mix tape(actually CD) for my boyfriend for every holiday, which would inclue birthday and anniversay.
the problem is, i've been dating him for two years this march and i'm running out of songs!!!

his b-day and our anniversay are within weeks of each other...PLEASE HELP!!!

this is what i have so far for his b-day cd

Black Betty-Ram Jam
Sound of Silence-Simon and Garfunkel
America-Simon and Garfunkel
Lean on Me-Michael Bolton
Carry On My Wayward Son-Kansas
Dust in the Wind-Kansas
Black Hole Sun-Soundgarden
Crazy Game of Poker-O.A.R.
Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd

i have nothing for our anniversary...

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[07 Feb 2005|05:03pm]

I'm looking for songs about Philadelphia. Or at least songs that mention Philadelphia.

So far I have..

Bruce Springsteen - "Streets of Philadelphia"
Atom & His Package - "Philadelphia"

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Does anyone post in here anymore? [11 Jan 2005|11:46pm]

I made this for my friend for Christmas. I put in a few clips from movies in between a few songs. I've got a clip from Spinal Tap, Elf, Family Guy, and Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL. Enjoy.

Side A: Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!
1. Yes! - Heart of the Sunrise
2. Bright Eyes - I Watched You Taking Off
3. B.B. King - How Blue Can You Get [Live]
4. The Faint - As the Doctor Talks
5. The Black Keys - Thickfreakness
6. Captain Beyond - Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea of Air)
7. Keb'Mo' - Dirty Low Down and Bad
8. Say Hi To Your Mom - Let's Talk About Spaceships
9. Joe Maneri - Paniots Nine
10. The Arcade Fire - Crown of Love
11. Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)[Live]
12. The Deathray Davies - The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower

Side B: With Bubble Wand! Non-Toxic
1. Ray Charles - Just A Lonely Boy
2. Air - Voyage de Penelope
3. Sly and the Family Stone - I Want to Take You Higher [Live at Woodstock]
4. The Shins - One By One All Day
5. Muddy Waters - Nine Below Zero [Live]
6. The English Beat - I Am Your Flag
7. Gov't Mule - Lay Your Burden Down (featuring Ben Harper)
8. Talking Heads - A Clean Break (Let's Work) [Live]
9. Mogwai - Kids Will Be Skeletons
10. Frank Zappa - Po'Jama People
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Top Ten Albums of 2004 [08 Dec 2004|11:43am]

[ mood | working ]

Here are my top 10 albums for 2004 (In no particular order):

1. Love is Hell Pt.1-2 -- Ryan Adams
2. Our Endless Numbered Days -- Iron and Wine
3. Ghost is Born -- Wilco
4. From a Basement on a Hill -- Elliott Smith
5. Me and Mr. Johnson -- Eric Clapton
6. Oh My Girl -- Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter
7. Rubber Factory -- Black Keys
8. Seven Swans -- Sufjan Stevens
9 Virginia Creeper -- Grant-Lee Philips
10. The Clarence Greenwood Recordings -- Citizen Cope

(12) Honorable Mentions:

11. Spooked -- Robyn Hitchcock
12. Funeral -- Arcade Fire
13. Educated Guess -- Ani Difranco
14. Van Lear Rose --Loretta Lynn
15. The Delivery Man -- Elvis Costello
16. When it Falls -- Zero 7
17. Good News for People Who Like Bad News -- Modest Mouse
18. Cathedral -- The Castanets
19. Rock n' Roll (Remastered) -- John Lennon
20. She Loves You -- The Twilight Singers
21. Elephunk -- The Black Eyed Peas
22. Together We're Heavy -- The Polyphonic Spree

(5) Biggest Disappointments of 2004:

1. Smile -- Brian Wilson
2. Feels Like Home -- Norah Jones
3. Afterglow -- Sarah McLachlan
4. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb --U2
5. Franz Ferdinand -- Franz Ferdinand

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[07 Dec 2004|09:56pm]


I'm new to this community and I usually make some pretty random mixes. Here's one that I made for my friend who thinks emo and indie are too whiny.  I wanted to change that with a mix that isn't too whiny.  So it's a little rougher than most of these indie mixes.  She's a big hippy so I left her a present at the end.

1.  Cursive - Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand

2.  The Dog and Everything - Hey Luv

3.  Rise Against - Blood to Bleed

4.  Frou Frou - Let Go

5.  Dillinger Four - Noble Stabbings!

6.  Modest Mouse - The View

7.  Motion City Soundtrack - The Future Freaks Me Out

8.  Bright Eyes - Something Vague

9.  Slick Shoes - Once Again

10.  Northstar - Taker Not A Giver

11.  The Postal Service - Sleeping In

12.  Coheed and Cambria - Delerium Trigger

13.  Death Cab for Cutie - Title and Registration

14.  Hot Water Music - Remedy

15.  Elliott Smith - Needle In the Hay

16.  Coldplay - Don't Panic

17.  Something Corporate - Bad Days

18.  Alkaline Trio - Take Lots With Alcohol

19.  The Shins - Caring Is Creepy

20.  Murder by Death - End of the L:ine

21.  Phish - The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony

Sorry it's pretty mainstream but I didn't want to give her anything that was too underground and, besides, I have more mixes to come.

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