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And! A Request!

So, I had a crush on the girl for a really long time. Like a year. And we were pretty close friends, and she didn't know about my crush until close to the end of this school year, when a mutual "friend" told her about it to exact revenge on something I'd done to offend her. She acted really weird for about a week (this could also be because she didn't know that I'm a lesbian) until I figured out what had happened and hastended to assure her that the girl who'd told her this was lying, or mistaken. She believed me (I think), but things haven't really been the same since.

I need songs to make me feel better. I doubt any songs are really going to fit the situation perfectly, but things in the general heartbroken / betrayed vein are good. Songs that make you cry are also favored. But please no screamo.

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