Deejay Johnny Strangler (hey_disco_joe) wrote in inthemix,
Deejay Johnny Strangler

I'm new here, and this is some stuff I listened to today at the office...

  1. The Jam: The Gift (BBC Live 1982)
  2. The Rakes: Strasbourg
  3. The Pipettes: School Uniform
  4. Gloria Jones: Tainted Love
  5. Bloc Party: Tulips (Club Version)
  6. Black Wire: God of Traffic
  7. Babyshambles: Pipe Down
  8. LCD Soundsystem: Losing My Edge
  9. The Rakes: Retreat
  10. Shed Seven: Dolphin
  11. Paul Weller: Up In Suze's Room
  12. Willie Hutch: Brothers Gonna Work It Out
  13. Billie Davis: Billy Sunshine
  14. Happy Mondays: Step On (Twisin' My Melon Mix)
  15. Pulp: Death Goes To The Disco
  16. Oasis: Turn Up The Sun
  17. Editors: Munich
  18. Steel Pulse: Macka Splaff
  19. Metric: Succexy
  20. New Order: Sunrise

Cheers.  Johnny....

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